Monday, October 28, 2002

I was forced to watch the Kylie concert yesterday. Forced, I tell you. Jonathan kindly popped round to drop off his X Box for Marcus to play with while he's away. Jonathan later bumped into Ian and claimed we'd ignored him because Kylie was on. As if!

Anyway, during the performance of "Confide In Me", a message flashed up on screen, saying "Call 1-500-CONFIDE". So, just for a laugh, I did. I got such a surprise when it actually rang, that I put the phone down immediately. And then I thought, "hey, maybe it's some sort of competition line and I can win - oooh, I don't know - a pair of gold hotpants or something," so I called it again. Again it rang and an angry-sounding man answered: "T&T Consultants" [or something like that]. Again, I panicked and slammed the phone down.

Marcus didn't believe that anyone had actually answered, so I passed the phone to him and he dialled 1-555-CONFIDE and also panicked and slammed the phone down* when the angry man answered.

Why was he angry? How many people idly wondered if 1-500-CONFIDE was a real number? How many times did he have the phone put down on him during yesterday's transmission of the Kylie concert? Of course, if I was a real journalist, I'd phone the company today and make proper enquiries, but I'm just a blogger, and can get by with idly wondering. What I will tell you is that you can watch the Michel Gondry video for Kylie's new single "Come Into My World" at

*When I say "slammed the phone down", I really mean "pressed the 'off' button". Or, in this case, "giggled nervously, blindly pressed all the keys on the phone, and chucked it on the bed like a red-hot brick".

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