Thursday, October 24, 2002

Whew! Panic over! I was sitting at my desk a couple of minutes ago, idly wondering if had been registered. I typed it in and discovered it has, but there's just a blank page with a redirect. So then I wondered if has been taken. I typed that in and... whooah! it's a portal to a porn website, one of those terrifying ones that keep opening up more and more windows, each more pornographic than the last. One of the senior managers in our company chose just that moment to sneak round and ask me to do something. I panicked and stabbed my monitor's on-off button a couple of times: Off! On! Off! On! OFF! "What was that?" he asked. "Oh," I replied, red-faced, "my computer keeps crashing."

Virtually every variation on Ulrika's name [Ulrika Johnson, Ulrika Jonnson, etc] has been registered. According to whoisreport, the following dot.coms have been registered, but I daren't check to see what's there: sven and ulrika; ulrika; ulrika-johnsson; ulrika-jonsson; ulrikajohnson; ulrikajonnson; ulrikajonsson.

Update: takes you to a porn director's site called "The Evil Empire". Time to clear my cache, I think!

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