Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Moments from a great weekend:
  • At Abigail's Party on Friday night, as the actress playing Beverley walked on stage wearing a very low-cut gown, Marcus leaned to me and said, in a surprisingly loud stage whisper: "Nice tits!"
  • At Abigail's Party on Friday night, Marcus leaping to his feet in a one-man standing ovation, followed by me, and no-one else.
  • S. H. O. P. P. I. N. G. on Saturday afternoon. Zara, HMV, Sainsbury's and Virgin Megastore.
  • Cooking ostrich steaks for Marcus on Saturday evening.
  • Sending text messages to Andy during the overly-dramatic Pop Stars The Rivals on Saturday evening.
  • Drinks with Ian at First Destination at Dukes on Saturday night.
  • Very drunken text messages from Andy on Sunday afternoon, and me telling him to "Go home. Now!"
  • At the RVT on Sunday, crooning along to the Carpenters' "Close To You" with Luca: "Wah, wah-ah-ah-ah-aaah, close to you!"
  • At the RVT on Sunday, singing along to the Almighty mix of Soft Cell's "The Night" with Mike: "So he paints a pretty picture..."
  • At the RVT on Sunday, enquiring of G: "Is your friend still snogging mine?"
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