Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Britain. Margaret Thatcher. Instant coffee. Powdered creamer. Hairdressers. Perms. Tabac. Advocaat. Midori. Alcoholism. Single mothers. Spam. Baked beans. Smash. Recipes involving Spam and baked beans and Smash. Dallas. Sue-Ellen. Oral sex. Cosmopolitan. Multiple orgasms. Marital affairs. Domestic violence. Divorce. Tranquillisers. Family. Failure. Microwave ovens. Digital watches. North sea oil. Save the whales. Industrial disputes. Miners' strike. Dustbin men's strike. Fleet Street. Wapping. Rupert Murdoch. Cash-in-hand. Falklands. The Sun. Gotcha! Conservatories. Lounge suites. Bathroom pedestal sets. Milton Keynes. Roundabouts. Public art. Shopping centres. Shoplifting. Buying council flats. Mortgages. Endowment policies. Negative equity. Barratt homes. Bankruptcy. ERM. Immigrants. Bananas thrown at black sportsmen. Coloureds. Coons. I'm not a racialist. BNP. ANL. CND. AIDS. Rock Hudson. Lady Di. Michael Fish. The big storm. Margaret Thatcher. Britain.

Rumours Of A Hurricane by Tim Lott. Briliant.

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