Wednesday, March 19, 2003

OK, here's an idea that East/West used ages ago. See the hit counter above? It shows the number of page views this site has received since inception. As I type this, the count stands at 299,096. Some time in the next day or so, it should hit 300,000. This will *probably* happen on Friday. I will award a prize to the person who sends me a screenshot with the counter at 300,000. Don't worry if it's not exactly 300,000 - send it to me anyway, as the nearest entry will win.

[Yeah, I know you clever Photoshop people could cheat. But, really, is it worth that much effort?]

You don't know how to capture a screen grab?
If you're using Windows, press the Print Screen button top-right on your keyboard. This copies an image of your screen to your PC's clipboard memory. Now open your image programme [Photoshop, PhotoPaint or whatever Windows has as standard these days - Paint?] and Press CTRL-V to paste the image in. Save the file as a jpeg and email it to me.
Mac users, pressing Command+shift+3 will create a file on your hard drive called something like 'Picture 1'. Send me that.

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