Wednesday, March 05, 2003

What the fuck is happening? Literally hundreds of children, running, screaming, down my street. Some carrying placards. No adults supervising them. Running amok. Banging on cars. Invading neighbours' gardens. Tearing poles off fences. I tell you, it's Lord Of The Flies out there.

A couple of minues later, panicked teachers are coming down the street, looking for the kids. The police have arrived and I went out to investigate. Seems a local school was having a protest which got out of hand. "The kids just walked out," said the head teacher. "How many are there?" asked the policeman. "Seven hundred."

Now the kids are heading back to the school, more subdued, in smaller groups of four or five. Galactic toss monkeys. There's still a group of surly teenagers in hooded tops hanging out threateningly on the the corner outside my house. Go away. I've just watched the news, and it seems there were impromptu schools anti-war protests all over the country.

In other news, a man was stabbed to death last night at the petrol station just down the road, near Sasha's place.

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