Friday, March 14, 2003

My lovely, lovely friend Christian, who works in the music industry, regularly sends me a huge envelope full of CDs. Among the many, many albums in the latest 'care package' was "Tusk" by Camper Van Beethoven. All I knew of CVB before this was the fantastic single, "Take The Skinheads Bowling", but on this evidence, I think they've got themselves a new fan. As you may have guessed from the cover artwork, the album is a deranged version of Fleetwood Mac's most excessive album. In its own little way, this is as 'out there' as the original. Part loving tribute, part parody. Part wonderful, part excruciating, it reminds me of the sonic excesses of a Kiki and Herb show. And, best of all, there's no Stevie Nicks on it. A customer review on Amazon sums it up: "Part of the charm for me as well is the audacity of the project -- like trying to re-make "Thriller" with a bunch of your friends and a 4-track."

Thanks, Christian. I think I love it.

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