Wednesday, March 19, 2003

If you live in north-west London long enough, you'll spot the Mini Cooper belonging to local real estate company Foxtons. The car's trademark bottle-green livery with yellow flames is highly distinctive, and spotting the little vehicle on your travels is like bumping into an old friend. Eventually, you bump into it so often that you suspect there must be more than one green and yellow Foxtons Mini.

This suspicion is irrevocably confirmed with a walk along the western edge of Hampstead Heath. There are hundreds of the little cars parked along the streets in the area. It's like a scene out a Hollywood mega-budget remake of The Italian Job.

I had intended to work today, but the weather was so lovely I took a book and the Guardian up to the Heath and attempted the crossword while soaking up the late afternoon sun. As soon as the sun had set so spectacularly, though, it got bloody cold. A lovely afternoon, to be repeated tomorrow - but an earlier start, I think.

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