Friday, March 21, 2003

OK, so tonight I start putting together the promised Earworms CD for Duncan and Alan. I scroll through iTunes, choosing the songs I simply have to include. Thirty-seven songs later, I realise I have enough for at least two CDs.

The realisation that, as with a CD I recently did for Mike, I seem to have chosen an awful lot of Europop (and a lot of awful Eurodisco) skews the project, and it turns into Euroworms.
Europop: Divine Comedy
Eurodisco: Bis
ABC Pour Casser: Peter Kitsch
27: Bernstrup
Comment Te Dire Adieu: Jimmy Somerville
Sexy Northerner: Pet Shop Boys
Snobbery And Decay: Act
Hopeless: Future Bible Heroes
Europe After The Rain: John Foxx
All The Umbrellas In London: Magnetic Fields
Souvenir (Moby remix): OMD
Andrew Ridgley: Black Box Recorder
Every Party Has A Winner And A Loser: Erlend Oye
Breathe In: Frou Frou
Crystalline Green: Goldfrapp
Please Stay (Royksopp remix): Mekon feat Marc Almond
Does Your Heart Go Boom: Helen Love
But what if Duncan and Alan don't like Europop? And what about all those songs I had to leave off? I look at the discarded songs and realise there's another theme - all the songs that make me cry keep flooding back. These are all songs of loss and nostalgia. Enough for another CD - Fearworms.
Soho Square: Kirsty MacColl
One Better Day: Madness
All For Love & Love For All: Lilac Time
The Second Summer Of Love: Danny Wilson
The Final Arrears: Mull Historical Society
Rollerblade: Nick Heyward
Cry Me A River: Julie London
How Insensitive: Sinead O'Connor
Wrong Again: Kirsty MacColl
The Day I See You Again: Dubstar
Why Go?: Faithless feat Boy George
A Red Letter Day: Pet Shop Boys
End Credits: Laptop
If You Believe In Christmas Trees: Cardinal
Manhattan Skyline: A-ha
First We Take Manhattan: Leonard Cohen
Times Square: Marianne Faithfull
But, hang on, I don't want Alan and Duncan to get the impression I'm merely into miserabilism. Time for a collection of songs that make me happy, good old favourites, songs that get me dancing around bollock-naked behind the net curtains. Yes, it's Cheerworms:
Atomic: Blondie
Don't Talk To Me About Love: Altered Images
Maybe For Sure: Debbie Harry
You Came: Kim Wilde
He's On The Phone: Saint Etienne
He's on The Beach: Kirsty MacColl
I Would Fix You: Kenickie
Mon Amour Tokyo: Pizzicato Five
Barracuda: Heart
My Sharona: The Knack
I Was Made For Loving You: Kiss
Last Train to London: Electric Light Orchestra
Sweeping The Nation: Spearmint
The Disappointed: XTC
Mama Used To Say: Junior
Double Dutch Bus: Gap Band Frankie Smith [Damn Kazaa!]
It's Yours: Jon Cutler
Now then, sending someone three CDs seems a bit excessive. Even two is a bit desperate, but I'm OK with that. I'm gonna send them two CDs. But which two? Of course, I could ask Alan and Duncan which ones they'd like, but what's the point of the internet if you ain't gonna get all interactive?

This is where you come in. Which two CDs would you most like to receive? Vote in the comments for the two CDs you'd rather listen to - Euroworms, Fearworms or Cheerworms.

Oh, and Alan and Duncan - you're not allowed to sway the voters, so no voting from you two.

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