Monday, March 03, 2003

From the Swish Cottage mailbag:
Date: Sat March 1 2003, 18:28  
From:  xyz
Subject: the great mistake!  
or how i ended up assuming that was the site of someone else! This is a transcript of an exchange on a message board at I am the xyz one

xyz: i have been gripped, yes gripped for three quarters of an hour in yer bloggs...fascinating! yes really... inspiring.. I am trying to make a film at the mo about the life of a skinny bloke...only a few mins long nothing too have given me loads of ideas....(please try not to take this in a manner which downgrades your sense of being.!) fancy doing some writing for it with me bf?? great pics too...any chance of me using some on bbci sites?? i design websites for bbcwales 3days a week and make films/tv for 2days... enuf for now... [Sat 01/03/03 17:45]

abc: ok, are bloggs meant to be writings or something else? if the are writings, has it really taken you three quarters of an hour??? [Sat 01/03/03 17:49]

xyz: sorry if i have offended thought it took the ability to write at some level to blogg in the first place? Am i sposed to be reading? check yer stats...I reckon it has been about three quarters of an hour [Sat 01/03/03 17:59]

abc: hey, you havent offended at all, just confused me a bit so where would you use my pics then? and what do you want me to help write? i am interested..... [Sat 01/03/03 18:01]

abc: do yuo mean the stuff i have added to the boards?? [Sat 01/03/03 18:03]

xyz: so is your site?? [Sat 01/03/03 18:11]

abc: no, there is a link from my site to a justin timberlake pic JUST because it is his pic dont think you should confuse me with that site..... still want me and my words? [Sat 01/03/03 18:14]

xyz: lol....!!! [Sat 01/03/03 18:22]

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