Tuesday, October 16, 2001

  • I live in - or near - Cricklewood. It's OK, but not even those running websites for the place are all that positive about it:"Cricklewood is an area of North West London, England. It broadly covers a Mile radius from the intersection of Cricklewood Broadway / Lane. Would you like it? If you like clean streets, fresh air and uniformity of population, No. There are some very nice suburban roads within Cricklewood, but the surrounds will probably not appeal to you."
  • Much nicer, and more useful, is cityneighbours, the site for residents of Kilburn, West Hampstead and Hampstead.
  • This is what I see out of my window at work.
  • This is what I see out of my window at home. [no, not a "This page cannot be displayed" sign, it's meant to be the web site for Westbere Copse, the spooky little wood running along the railway line between my road and Cricklewood Station.]
  • Finally, here are two lists of London community web sites.
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