Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Oh God, I'm a shrew.
The diminutive shrew is intelligent, thrifty and self absorbed, it knows how to get what it wants -- regardless of who stands in its way. Cursed with an overactive metabolism, the shrew is unable to stand still for even a minute. Whether it's picking up the kids, shopping at a garage sale, or poking its nose into other people's business -- it just keeps going and going. If their outa my way attitude provokes resentment from its friends, that's just too bad. A shrew's gotta do what a shrew's gotta do.

Their sharp eyes have a knack for spotting the hole in the fence, and with their ability to make instant decisions, they impetuously seize the moment and scuttle on through. Their smart mouths and high energy are put good use in the workplace, and they excel as salespeople and journalists. But sometimes their reputation precedes them and they find a built-in resistance to their pitch even before they've opened their mouths.

The shrew can be a demanding, high maintenance individual whose obsession for resources dominates its life. Although it has a reputation for being bloodthirsty and vicious, these labels are not entirely accurate, since it is rarely aggressive and its attacks are limited to a shrill verbal assault in the form of an incessant whining. Without the time to take other people's feelings into account, it creates a number of enemies as it blazes busily through life. Consequently, it needs to be wary of the vicious claws of the feline personalities and the clumsy but powerful canines.

With its devilish sense of humor, the shrew will romance you with its witticisms and inspire you with its insights. The shrew has an enviable set of bedpost notches, for when it comes to chatting up, they are exceptionally persuasive. They pride themselves on being able to talk anyone into a fling -- especially those torrid encounters of which the shrew is so fond. With no qualms about telling white lies, they have become so adept at these little falsehoods that they're prone to believing in them themselves. There's something about a shrew's sexuality that makes it seem younger than it really is. Perhaps it's their bright eyes, glossy hair, or excess makeup, but more likely it's their high energy level that reminds us of our youth.

The shrew's scattered thought processes make it an awkward dinner partner. Unbound by logic and unfettered by reason, its thoughts tumble out in a string of disconnected words -- making for amusing but disconcerting conversation. But, when it comes to issues of the heart, shrews rarely shoot from the hip. So, when a shrew appears self-absorbed and uncommunicative, it is generally a symptom of an impending emotional showdown.

Careers: Journalist, Production Assistant, Actor
Hobbies: Travelling, Computing
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