Monday, October 29, 2001

Marcus and I invented a new drinking game yesterday: Thank God or Not Thank God. It's very simple - Marcus's CD collection consists almost entirely of albums by black American women. Soul divas. Foremost in the acknowledgements is almost always, "I give thanks to God".

Here's how you play the game: pick a CD, and ask "Thank God or Not Thank God?" The other person has to say whether they think the artist thanks God or not. If they're wrong, they have to drink. If they're right, you have to.

A typical round may go like this:
"Whitney Houston - Thank God or Not Thank God?"
"Easy - Thank God"
"Damn, you're right [gulp]"

"OK, Byron Stingely - Thank God or Not Thank God?"
"Ooh, tricky one. He's not got a lot to be thankful for: Not Thank God."
"Correct [gulp]"

"Right, TLC. Thank God or Not Thank God?"
"Thank God."
"All three of them?"
"Hmmmm... maybe not Lisa Left Eye Lopes - she did burn her own house down, after all."

Suffice to say, we were quite drunk by the time we eventually turned up at the Vauxhall Tavern, which probably goes some way to explaining the little drama we had. It's all sorted out now, Thank God.

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