Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Alerted by Tom, I popped to Smiths on the way home yesterday and flipped through a copy of Internet Magazine. And there it is, in yet another article about weblogging - a box headed "Essential weblogs". And there, along with plasticbag and not so soft and wil wheaton, is this:
Swish Cottage: A gay Londoner blogs about life, defaecation and, er, Justin Timberlake.

Or something like that anyway. I didn't buy the magazine. After all, the internet is free, and what is the point of a magazine about the internet, printed on paper? No matter how much I tried making my hand into a pointy-finger cursor and pressing on the links, nothing happened.

An 'essential weblog'? An oxymoron, if ever I heard one. But thanks for the vote of confidence, even though something tells me they just skimmed the most popular blogs. There's a lot of blogs out there less inessential than this one. I shall endeavour to give you more about life and more about defaecation. Oh yes, there'll be a lot more shit at Swish Cottage. It's essential.

Update: Seems I'm mentioned in this month's Gay Times, too. Thanks to more a way of life for letting me know. Ah yes, there it is, page 65: "The exploits and listenings of a gay Londoner can be found at swishcottage; interpret the site name any way you wish. Neat patter, photos and insights on running around London as a young gay man. At the other end of the UK, the nakedblog does the same for Edinburgh."

Hey, Peter - we're young again!

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