Thursday, September 12, 2002

The inquest into the death of Stuart Lubbock, who was found dead in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool, continues. "Killed In A Sex Game?" screams The Mirror: "Father of two Stuart Lubbock, 31, might also have been sexually abused - a postmortem found extensive bruising and lacerations in his anus." Forensic pathologist Professor Christopher Milroy comments, "There were significant injuries to the anal canal caused by a relatively large object such as a fist."

Now, I don't wish to call into doubt Prof Milroy's credentials, but just as there are men who can quite easily accommodate a fist without any bruising or laceration, so there are those who can't take a finger without bleeding. And, anyway, wouldn't a penis be one logical conclusion?

As reported in The Guardian, Michael Mansfield, QC for Barrymore, interviewed fellow party guest Kylie Merritt:
Mr Mansfield asked: "Did you see any sexual assault of any kind on Stuart?"
She replied: "No." "Did you hear him shouting out or crying out in excruciating pain at any time you were there?" asked Mr Mansfield.
Ms Merritt said she had not.
Asked by the lawyer whether Lubbock had appeared to be in such discomfort that he had difficulty walking or sitting down during the evening, she added: "He seemed fine."

Stuart's brother, Kevin, went on to testify: "Stuart was not gay or bi-sexual. He loved women and he could pull lots of girls. He never spoke of a man coming on to him. It was women, women, women. It is like saying the Pope does not live in Rome."

Claire Wicks, Stuart's former partner and mother of his two daughters, said "I recall watching the programme Queer As Folk and he would say 'fucking perverts'."

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