Wednesday, September 25, 2002

You know, I really should walk into work more often. Especially when listening to Africanism, an album of African-influenced house mixed by French DJ Bob Sinclar. It's fantastic - light and breezy and summery. Oh, I know it's the worst kind of ethno-tourism, the same lazy thinking that clogged up V-Shop's shelves with Latin House compilations this summer, but when you've got an early morning trudge through Zone 2 ahead of you, who cares? The mellow house grooves and the African percussion turned my ears into a secret groovy VIP terrace at Fiction.

Mr Sinclar, being French, understandably concentrates on songs from French West Africa. I zoomed into work, a huge grin on my face, bouncing on my heels, my fingers involuntarily shelling peas, shelling peas, shelling peas. When the album reached its one South African track, Kazet by Mahlatini and the Mahotella Queens [as discussed on this site two weeks ago], my quick walk broke into a shuffle - half jog, half dance. Yes, I toyi-toyi'd down Finchley Road.

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