Friday, September 06, 2002

Isn't the internet marvellous?

Isn't The Internet Marvellous? Part 437
So you want to write about Spike's new Saturday pre-clubbing night at Duke's, but you can't remember what it's called, or what time it's on. It's too new for Google to know anything about. You wonder if Spike has his own website, so you search for Spike Crash Sleaze but all you find is Ian's site. You think about the Boyz Magazine website, but - when you eventually find it*, you discover it's totally useless.

And then you remember that QX magazine puts its entire edition online as a pdf, including the adverts.

Thus I can tell you about 1st Destination, a new night, starting tomorrow, at Duke's, 9pm till late. It's another genius idea from the mind of Spike - designed as the first destination of anyone who is planning to go clubbing in south London that night. You can pick up queue-jump tickets and passes for Crash, Queer Nation, etc. We are promised sexy go-go boys and DJ sets from Seans Sirrs and Talullah. It's a fiver to get in, but free before 10pm.

In other Duke's news, Rocktronica have left the venue under a [very small] cloud. But there's a silver lining: they've relocated to The Loft [the upstairs bar at The Yard]. Sundays, 5:30pm till 10. They do have a website.

*So the Boyz website turns out to be exactly where you should have expected it to be - - but you're sure it didn't used to be there. And why doesn't a Google search for boyz magazine gay uk turn up their website? And then you wonder whatever happened to their internet service provider thing?

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