Tuesday, September 03, 2002

We had been invited to Matthew and Richard's housewarming party, so we headed into town to choose a suitable present. Difficult one, as we felt certain that the camp trinkets Matthew would find funny, Richard would look down his nose at. Eventually we settled on everyone's favourite favourite: alcohol, and bought a bottle of 70% proof absinthe.

We popped by the Photographers' Gallery, but were a little disappointed by Karlheinz Weinberger's 'homoerotic' photographs of 60s gang members. Swiss Hells Angels? I think not, thank you.

Matthew and Richard's new flat is lovely. The weather was lovely. The garden was lovely. The company was lovely. We sat on the lawn and chatted to Guy and Andy and Peter and, oh, the gang. Andy and Alex showed off their new Ericsson mobile phone, which can take photographs, and Jonathan showed off his XDA, which can do everything.

Marcus and I had a long night ahead, so we went home for a disco-nap. We also managed to watch a bit of Hoop Dreams, a brilliant documentary detailing six years in the lives of two young basketball players. Highly recommended. But no time to watch the end of that, as we had to be at Substation South in Brixton by midnight. A one-off collaboration between Queer Nation and legendary 80s night The Lift, the atmosphere was euphoric, electric, extraordinary and everything else that starts with an 'e'. Ian came along, and I am 87% certain we chatted to Luca, too.

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