Thursday, September 26, 2002

And so the winner of the Guardian's Best Weblog competition is... a blog I've never heard of. Which is exactly the way it should be. Congratulations to Scary Duck, who wins £1,000. I've just had a quick read - seems a deserving winner. I liked the PiSS story.

Congratulations also to the runners-up who win £100 each: I Make Content, Green Fairy, Plenty Of Taste, Linkmachinego [which was singled out for the quality of its links] and Blogjam [which was voted best-designed blog].

Congratulations also to everyone who made the shortlist, especially 'my mates'. And commiserations to those who - perplexingly - didn't [Troubled Diva, Blogadoon, et al].

Congratulations also to me, and to Blogjam again, for being the only two British blogs in Web User magazine's own list of the top ten blogs in the world. I make that three mags this month. Can I have my thousand pounds now, please?

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