Tuesday, September 03, 2002

The Swish Guide to South African Music - Part 6
"Angel Fish" by Jennifer Ferguson - 1986 [download the mp3]
"Bay Of Bombay" by Jennifer Ferguson - 1986 [download the mp3]
"Letters To Dickie" by Jennifer Ferguson - 1986 [download the mp3]

I loved Jennifer Ferguson. A left-wing, right-on, trippy, dippy hippychick. Pounding a grand piano, tossing her wild curls and wailing enigmatic cryptic poetry, or spitting out angry protest songs.

I've uploaded three songs. "Angel Fish" is a coming-of-age song of teenage sexuality, lust and transference. And goldfish, of course.

"Bay Of Bombay" is stunning. A live recording, with just Jennifer at the piano. She tells a tale of her mother doing the dishes, dreaming of a better life, the life she would never be able to live.

"Letters To Dickie" is a harrowing series of Dear John letters sent by a girl in Jo'burg to her boyfriend fighting 'on the Border' during South Africa's State Of Emergency. "There are bombs going off in the dustbins here in Joeys, I'm feeling so scared and alone". The emotions are so raw, you don't know whether to laugh, cry or howl. I usually end up doing the latter.

Let me know what you think of these. Buy South African CDs online at oneworld.co.za.

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