Thursday, September 12, 2002

How much does a microwave oven cost? Go on, hazard a guess.

In Woolworths yesterday, I had one of my "that can't be right" moments. You see, I've never owned a microwave oven. (Even that redundant 'oven' gives me away.) I don't exactly spend much time in the kitchen, anyway, and If I'm honest, I don't trust microwaves. To me, they'll always be a bit scary, a bit newfangled, a bit space age, a bit magic.

And they're really expensive, right? Wrong. Woolies has got this special, aimed at students entering university. A massive stack of microwaves dominates the shopfloor. I saw the price tag on them and laughed, "that can't be right". £39.99? Someone's made an error. You couldn't even get a pressure cooker for that. [Oh, someone explain to the youngsters what a pressure cooker is. Was.]

Alongside that huge stack of boxes, there's another special offer designed to tempt students. A three-in-one offer of: a kettle, a toaster and a sandwich maker. £29.99. For all three. That can't be right.

There is a drawback, however. The appliances come in a vile shade of algae green. Still, that'll blend in nicely with the average student's digs.

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