Friday, September 20, 2002

Yet another post from me beginning "I've been much of one for..."

I've never been much of one for scents or after-shaves or colognes or fragrances or whatever we call them. I have never found one I liked. Until now. Marcus bought me DKNY For Him and I can't get enough of it - as my colleagues may be discovering. Actually, not being a regular scent-wearer, I have no idea how much to use - one spray? two? - or where to spray it - neck? face? behind the ears? [how genteel].

Where was I? Oh yes, DKNY For Men - it smells so good, it makes me hungry. It's kind of citrussy. Or, as the website puts it: "Fresh. Clean. Sexy. A fragrance for the urban man on the go. Combines a tangerine ginger infusion and crisp ivy leaf with juniper berry and cool white spice. Creamy sandalwood coupled with the warmth of red maple complete the fragrance."

Juniper berries? Spice? Tangerine? No wonder I like it - I smell like a gin-and-orange.

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