Monday, September 16, 2002

Nearly twenty years after their last single, Soft Cell are back with a new single. Monoculture, released today, is the first single from their forthcoming all-new album, Cruelty Without Beauty.

Over a very Pet-Shop-Boys-ish electro-disco backing, Marc's lyrics touch on globalisation and the homogenisation of culture - a world of fast food chains and an endless supply of identikit boybands. A world where cult stars, such as Marc, are ignored or sneered at.
Why don't I just give up
And submit to the great God of Bland
All my exotic gestures
No longer in demand
The single is released on two CDs and a twelve-inch. CD One contains the video and a witty Playgroup remix, which knowingly references Soft Cell's 80s sound. It's good, and you should buy it, if only for some relief from the identikit boybands. Let's have some eyeliner and dodgy dramatics on Top Of The Pops again.

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