Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Although I do love my cute little iMac, there are times I wish I had a PC instead. Take searching for MP3 files, for instance. Mac users have but a fraction of the resources available to PC users. As far as I know - and I'd love to be told I'm wrong - we can't access the huge databases on Kazaa or whatever is flavour of the month this month.

It's ironic that much of Apple' recent marketing has focused on sharing music, yet the resources aren't much cop. The leading Mac p2p package is Limewire, which [I think] lets you browse only other Mac users' files, returning far fewer results. And then there's the problem that Limewire crashes my machine after about half an hour. I'll be downloading several songs, and then my machine will hang. The only thing I can do is switch it off at the power and restart it, but it never quite starts up properly. I sometimes have to restart it ten times or more, as something will be wrong - the keyboard and mouse won't work, or it won't connect to the internet.

If anyone does have suggestions as to a good p2p package for the Mac, please let me know. Oh, I should add that I use OS9.2 rather than OSX as I use Quark all day long.

Instead of peer-to-peer programmes, I have to rely on web searches, most of which are wild goose chases, resulting in no songs downloaded but a desktop full of Russian pop-up windows full of question marks instead. I've been a real sucker at times, too; registering my details at a site which promises it will email you a password allowing you access - the only thing you receive is loads of spam.

I visit regularly. It's perfect if you're looking for new and forthcoming UK releases. And this morning I registered for a free trial with The trial allows you to download 50 songs for free; which I did, and then closed my account. But I want More! More! More! If you know of any good mp3 sites, let me know in the comments. Or if you have a resource you'd rather not let everyone know about, email me.

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