Monday, February 17, 2003

Ian and I did our bit for world peace on Saturday. "Bit" being the operative word. We joined the march at the corner of Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue. As has been reported elsewhere, it wasn't so much a march as a mass shuffle. Two steps forward, wait, two steps forward, inexplicable cheer, two steps forward. An hour later, we had only got as far as Piccadilly Circus. We looked at each other and said, "You thinking what I'm thinking?" and went for a drink on Old Compton Street instead.

Taking up prime position at the huge windows in Comptons, we watched thousands of protesters taking a short cut. This - I feel - is why the reported numbers on the march vary so wildly. Not everybody did the whole thing, via the official route. Some only went to Hyde Park, others took back streets and some, like us, were just plain lazy. What do we want? World Peace. When do we want it? Ooh, after this pint, I should think.

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