Monday, February 24, 2003

I've got to rush off to a screening of a new Mexican film, so I'll just list the highlights of the past weekend:
  • Friday afternoon, sat in the surprisingly warm sunlight at Golders Hill Park, reading Alexander MCall Smith's utterly charming The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency.
  • Met up with Pano, and we went for a long walk across the Heath, via Kenwood House and the various Ponds, one of which was frozen. "It's poetry," Pano declaimed, "frozen in time." "Time for a drink," quoth I.
  • A pint in the Spaniard, then many more in the William. "I've just worked it out," said Pano, on the fourth pint, "this is a gay bar, isn't it?"
  • Lovely dinner in the exotic restaurant on Hampstead High Street, near the tube. Can't remember the name of the place, nor can I precisely pinpoint the cuisine: Moroccan? Lebanese? Turkish? Not sure, but it had all the middle-eastern trappings you could ask for - hubbly-bubby, belly dancer - and my lamb tagine with prunes and cinnamon was superb.
  • Saturday: Bought 300 copies of The Guardian. Nah, not really. Watched as my stats went through the roof. Nice to see most visitors read a couple of pages.
  • Marcus and I rented a couple of DVDs and stayed in, watching the disappointing Signs and the wonderful Sunshine State.
  • Sunday: Gave the RVT a miss for a change, but popped in to Dukes later and had a reasonably sober chat with Ian. Which makes a nice change.
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