Thursday, February 13, 2003

Daytime telly is bad enough, but daytime radio is even worse. Every song has to be prefaced with sixth-form innuendo from juvenile 'jocks' desperate to show off how funny they are. All I want is some good music, a chance to hear what's new. I can't find a radio station I can actually bear listening to while working.

  • Radio 1: Much as I admire how Mark and Lard managed to break into the mainstream with their surreal humour, haven't they been doing the same thing for a bit long? Comedy voices and catchphrases a-go-go.
  • GLR BBC London: Good music, with intelligent talk, just too much of it - I need to get some work done.
  • Virgin: Might as well be Capital Gold.
  • Xfm: I like the music, but too many ads. The station has also fallen into the Personality DJ trap. Speaking of traps, I wish Zoe Ball would shut hers.
  • etc

    But then I had a brainwave - online radio. There are thousands of internet radio stations, and now that I've got Broadband, it should whizz along. Can anyone recommend a good station? Something UK-based that plays old and new stuff? There must be something out there targeted towards my tastes. Perhaps I should set up my own station using ShoutCast.
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