Friday, February 28, 2003

The following links have made me giggle out loud tonight. I should perhaps explain that it is after 1am and I am dog-tired, yet I'm sat in front of the computer [like, d-uh!] after a night on the town.
  • Derren Brown Mind Control
  • Michael Jackson and Prince
  • Funjunkie cooks a goose egg.
  • Monkey. Just watched a late-night repeat on TV. Look, I didn't grow up in this country - you lot had this on telly when you were kids? You lucky bleeders. Finally I understand why drunken talk dahn the pub with twenty-somethings inevitably turns to Monkey. I've never seen such hysterically bad dubbing - and remember I grew up watching Space 1999 dubbed into Afrikaans.
  • "Think Of The People" [download] - the anti-war song by Lee Ryan, the young-looking blonde one from boyband Blue. Yeah, Lee, but what about the whales, huh? How cool is that? [via the essential popjustice]
  • The new Madonna single, "American Life". I've just listened to a two-minute snatch cobbled together from various teasers. Not just the "double latte shotte" rap bit that's been quoted all over the place, but a verse and a chorus too. Download it here if you really want to. But, trust me, you don't.
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