Saturday, February 22, 2003

Thanks to Sasha for alerting me to this Guardian article on blogging which mentions Swish Cottage. Which is nice.

Hello, Guardian readers. If you're looking for the photo of Tobey Maguire with his kimono open, as mentioned in the article, you can find it here. And yes, that is David Blaine and Leonardo DiCaprio with him. But, no, I don't know if it's real or fake. Nor do I know the provenance of this X-rated pic of Justin Timberlake.

If, however, naked men ain't your thing, and you've come looking for personal anecdotes and links, here are a few of my favourites:
  • The eleven schools I went to. Part 1 | Part 2.
  • When I was rescued by a fireman.
  • My troubles with spelling.
  • A late-night tube journey.
  • The night my pee turned blue.
  • The night I broke my cock.
  • My A to Z of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.
  • The FAO Girls Take Manhattan.
  • My colleague and the dog.
  • My first month in London.
  • OJ Simpson meets the Hardy Boys.
  • How London postcodes are arranged.
  • Thank God or Not Thank God.
  • Scotsmen on the Tube.
  • Turkish nightmare.
  • 38 Special.
  • Reminisce and regret.
  • The crap on telly.
  • I got no sense of direction.
  • Some of my favourite blogs, in song. [Check out the great blogs on my sidebar, too.]
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