Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I'm an autumn girl, flying over London
With the trees on fire it looks like home
I'm an autumn girl on the endless search for summer
Cause I need some love to cook my frozen bones

You needed something to get your teeth into
And in my voodoo kitchen you said
"I've got something to show you,
It's a recipe handed down from father to son
For a thousand years, and it goes with those hot salt tears."

Get me on the boil and reduce me
To a simmering wreck with a slow kiss
To the back of my neck
Carve up my heart on a very low flame
Separate my feelings then pour them down the drain
Close my eyes and sweeten me with lies
Pierce my skin with a few well chosen words
Now you can stuff me with whatever you've got handy
And on a cold grey day a cold grey man will do

So give me something to whet my appetite
And chill my soul with a sudden lack of interest
Oh, but the winter freezes on and the candle's burned low
Fill me with the hot stuff then say you've got to go
Take my mind, marinade it in red wine
Grate my thighs with your chinny chin chin
And I will let you in
Oh on a long dark night a long dark man might ...
Kirsty MacColl, Autumngirlsoup, from the album Tropical Brainstorm.

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