Friday, February 14, 2003

Thanks to Lyle and Sarrah for suggesting that I listen to the BBC's 6 Music, but it ain't going to work, I'm afraid ["work" being the key word]. Why don't they just be done with it and call it "6 Talk"? Oh, I like it enormously - the DJ roster is virtually identical to that of GLR at its Britpop peak - and so's the music, which is fine by me. It'd be great company on a long car journey. But - especially when it's coming out of the Harman/Kardon speakers either side of the monitor in front of you - the chat demands that it be listened to. So, no good for working to.

Back to Radio Event Horizon for me, I think.

Aside: The 6 Music record of the day for Valentine's Day is The Pogues' "Rum, Sodomy And The Lash", featuring "A Pair Of Brown Eyes". There's a joke in their somewhere...

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