Thursday, February 13, 2003

Can somebody please explain this Freeserve ad to me?

Why does it say "Dieter" on it? And is that "Dieter" as in the German man's name, or "dieter" as in someone who's trying to lose weight? And why are there dog's paw-prints all over it? Is the dog's name Dieter? What sort of name is that for a dog? What has a dog got to do with it anyway, despite the copywriter's lame attempt to incorporate the word 'barking'? Is Dieter the dog's owner? Is the dog's owner trying to eat less? And why is the dog trying to tell his owner that Freeserve only costs £6.99? Why should the dog care? Is Dieter starving his dog? And - actually - what is the whole thing written on? A slab of marble? A plank of wood? A parcel?

I don't understand.

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