Saturday, April 12, 2003

As Chig points out in a comment below, Saddam is a hot item on Ebay. A search on the auction site for 'Saddam' currently turns up 3,093 items. Dinar banknotes with Saddam's face on them may now be worthless in Iraq, but they're worth plenty on the internet.

People have put some unbelievable items up for sale to gullible fools. The head of a statue of Saddam, and a grey office chair supposedly looted from his palace, were on sale at a ridiculous twenty-one-million dollars each, but they've been removed. You could splash out $3,000 on a photograph autographed by the evil dictator himself. If you don't have thousands to spare, you might want to, er, fork out $365 on a fork from his palace. Or perhaps you'd like to become a Saddam double in this charming mask - yours for only $150. Of course, if you think this is all a pile of shit, you may like to wipe your arse on this Saddam Hussein toilet paper.

Me? I've got my heart set on this cuddly, handmade, musical Saddam Hussein doll which plays "God Bless America" when you ram a hand-crocheted Patriot missile up his arse.

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