Tuesday, April 29, 2003

The other day, suffering the effects of a heavy weekend, I turned on the telly and figured I was tripping. Brightly-coloured blobby creatures danced around a sparkly rainbow, revolving round and round, creating hypnotic patterns, dancing and interweaving, squeaking and whooping gleefully.

The Boobahs are the latest hallucinogenic creation from Tellytubbies creator Anne Wood. This description on Metafilter just about sums them up: "Imagine some aliens kidnapped a Teletubby, pumped it full of ecstasy, acid and marijuana, forced it to play Rez for eight hours straight and then sent it to bed and somehow watched its dreams."

The Boobah website is Faaaabulous. Make Humbah, Zumbah, Zing Zing Zingbah, Jumbah and Jingbah dance, remix their Banghra-inspired theme tune, herd them, pop them.

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