Saturday, April 26, 2003

Well, I had been having quite a nice day till that happened. Had a leisurely lunch, followed by a stroll through town, observing the world. I attempted a bit of shopping, then met up with a friend at Comptons for birthday drinks [his birthday, not mine, confusingly].

I left Soho at seven, walked down to Piccadilly Circus and got the Bakerloo Line. When I got off at Baker Street, intending to change onto the Jubilee, I automatically checked my back pocket, as I do a hundred times a day. Empty.

My wallet was gone. I ran back to the train, but - as expected - it wasn't there. I looked accusingly at the people who had been standing around me, but as they were an elderly couple taking the grandkids out, they seemed unlikely suspects. Luckily, I still had my mobile, so I went above ground and cancelled my cards immediately. There hadn't been any cash in my wallet, so presumably I've lost nothing. It's just damned annoying, that's all.

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