Monday, April 14, 2003

Oh, good Lord. I've unearthed another RVT regular who has a blog. I've known him in person for years, and he's been blogging since January, but I've just found it. So how many RVT bloggers does that make? Let's see:
  1. Me, obviously: usually found near the DJ booth or on the raised gallery.
  2. Ian: the token man with hair.
  3. Luca: can't decide if he's a Montague [near the DJ booth] or a Capulet [near the ladies'].
  4. Dave: he and Kelvin can always be found stage left.
  5. Steve: we only recently discovered him, but he's already one of us.
  6. Jonathan: hasn't attended for a while, tut-tut.
  7. Paul: I haven't seen him down there for a while either, but often bump into him in Duke's afterwards, along with...
  8. Sef.
  9. Marcus: Hasn't been for a while, for obvious reasons, and hasn't updated his blog, either. I miss him and look forward to the day when we can be friends.
  10. Dave: OK, he's moved to Australia, but there's a corner of the dancefloor that is forever Minkered.
  11. And now another.
And then there are those who turn up less regularly: Scally, Mike, Chig and Diamond Geezer. Nigel, perhaps? Foreign visitors Dave, Todd, Timothy and Dan have checked the place out, too. It will soon be one of the requirements of entry that you have a blog. Who have I left off?

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