Saturday, April 19, 2003

Here's an historical artefact from my life. Between 1996 and 1999, I collected all the phone numbers I was given; and I was given rather a lot. Now - before you jump to conclusions - no, I did not sleep with all these people. The majority of these cards were handed to me by hopeful random strangers. But, sure, there are a few recognisable names. Look, there's Michael, and Roger, and is that really Alex? Some people were more persistent than others - George gave me his number twice, Dev three times. Click the image to make it bigger - I've blurred out the numbers.

The very bits of paper these numbers are scrawled on tell their tales. Business cards, beer mats, safe sex reminders, travelcards, post-it notes, condom packets, newspapers, magazines. There are ticket stubs from New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Antwerp, Prague. Swapping numbers is so much less revealing today - storing numbers in your mobile has none of the charm.

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