Friday, April 11, 2003

Mike's fiendishly difficult Match The Intros competition has come to an end. Despite it being the most difficult competition in the history of competitions, Luca somehow managed to score full marks. I've got a little musical competition of my own lined up, called 20 in 20. Twenty songs in twenty seconds. [Actually, I decided it was too easy and edited the snippets even more, so it's now just over 18 seconds.] All twenty songs are very well-known; there are no obscure album tracks or B-sides - these were all huge hits. Take a listen to this short mp3, note down the song titles and artists, and email them to me [don't leave answers in the comments]. I think it's pretty easy, but then I would, cuz I know the answers! I don't know if anyone will get all twenty, so the winner will be whoever recognises the most songs. There will be a prize but, er, I haven't decided what it is yet. Closing date: Wednesday 16 April 2003.

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