Saturday, April 12, 2003

More crap telly. The producers of Reborn In The USA must be very glad the show's about to end. They'd banked a lot on the success of this show, and it just hasn't worked. The only time the show is even remotely entertaining is in the off-stage segments. We want more gossip, back-biting and drunkenness, and less karaoke. I taped tonight's show while watching "25 Years Of Smash Hits". I fast-forwarded past most of the performances, just watching the sequences filmed during the week. And, yes, OK, I watched the sequence of Haydon Eshun getting out of bed naked twice, just to see if there was a hint of... you know. There wasn't.

But... the same can't be said of fellow reality TV contestant, the newly-announced "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" participant, footballer John Fashanu. [Wouldn't be the first Fashanu I've seen in the showers, but that's another story.] Somebody snapped pics of John Fashanu naked in a changing room, and turned it into a cock-swinging animated gif. Now, you have to wonder who takes a camera into a locker room and takes photos of a sportsman's penis. I mean, who would have the opportunity? Surely only a fellow team-mate? Anyway, here's the file. Not work safe, obviously.

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